FLOW2FLOW’s main focus is on dance shows. It doesn’t matter how big or small the stage is and how many dancers are needed, up to ten dancers – everything is possible. The crew’s style varies in many ways. They can mix all dance styles such as “Breakdance” and “Ragga” in their shows, even “Jazz” or “Modern” is no issue.



The crew participates in battles all over Switzerland. Since the ladies and gents from FLOW2FLOW combine a wide range of dance styles they can be a part of almost any battle which involves Breakdance, Streetstyle or Hip Hop. However, they aren’t just driven by the typical battling spirit but meeting and learning from other dancers.



The crew´s experience of teaching and giving workshops and classes grew to a very high level. They have already worked with classes with 10 or even 100 dance willing people. FLOW2FLOW´s workshops are not only made of teaching dance moves and steps. The students learn also about the spirit of dancing and why it makes people happy. Summarized it can be said that nobody is missing out on the skills of FLOW2FLOW. Whatever is requested by their clients they are trying to make it possible for kids and adults.