Daniel ‘Surprise’ Seglias

Hip Hop, Breakdance

Daniel Seglias, as known as ‘Bboy Surprise’, born on february 9th 1990, has been very sportive since all time, but could never make up is mind on one sport. He started in a young age with Karate and trained hard on it for 8 years. When he went 15 years old he signed up for a trial lesson in breaking from Sam Fischer at the ‘tanz-fabrik’ in Urdorf and was immediately stoked. Since then he’s taking breakdance classes every week and soon started to take Streetstyle classes as well. Around one year later, shortly before his first show, Sam asked him to become a part of his crew FLOW2FLOW, because he was very impressed about his improvements and mentality. Daniel took his chance and became in July 2011 a member to the crew.