Doreen ‘DaReen’ Mehner

Hip Hop, Jazz, Dancehall

During my first years of school I took a ballet class. Unfortunately after a quite short period of time I couldn’t further attend due to the long distance. However, I managed dancing for school events and created my own choreographies. At the age of 15 – 20 I did certain performances together with my crew and presented many dance styles in certain motto shows. Even back then I preferred Hip Hop but switched to other styles to get a wider perspective.

When I started my studies in Sports I had to move to Chemnitz, Germany and became a member of the ladies crew “Localorez”. With this crew I strengthen my dancing knowledge in Dancehall and Hip Hop. This crew is specialized in certain show programs and other performance styles such as “Lady Like Dances”, Jazz, and club entertainment. We travelled not only nationally but joined certain Hip Hop events in Brest, France, Davos, Switzerland and other festivals and trade fairs in Germany.

In 2012 I moved to Zurich, Swiss and love being a part of “Flow2Flow. I am looking forward to enjoy a new spirit of dance with them and can´t wait for the next show to come.