Sarah ‘Sury’ Schwery

Hip Hop, Ragga, Girly

Sarah Schwery, named often Sury, was born in November 1998. In the beginning of 2009 she started taking dance classes at Funkydance in Hip Hop and Ragga. Stephan Kamber saw her practicing in front of her door and decided to invite her to a rehearsal of the FLOW2FLOW Crew. Despite her young age she became a member of the crew.

Sury dances in different styles like Hip Hop, Salsa, Locking, Jazz and a lot more, but in her heart she loves do dance Ragga the most. She’s open minded in learning new styles and is always hungry to learn more and getting better in dance. In 2013 she became Swiss Dance Champion at the IDO. Because of Sam she could already teach dance classes and is a part in ‘Club Shows’.